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Re: EpDis: The Gathering

I gave it a C. The Gathering never really grabbed a hold of me, initially. The story was a little convoluted and I've only ever understood the Del Varner plot thread upon repeated watchings.

I'm glad that they changed many aspects when they went to the show. The characters people have touched on were much better casted in the show--especially Talia. Though admittedly I thought Andrea was much more attractive than Pat Tallman. That woman still amazes me. I could have grown to really like Dr. Ben Kyle, though. The dark, alien atmosphere was nice, but they overdid it a little in the pilot, the show hit the sweetspot. The prothetic hairpiece for Londo was much better than the Bald/Crazy Crest he had in the pilot.

On first view of the Vorlon ship/fleet, and of course Kosh himself, I was very impressed and instantly fell in love with the Vorlons forever. I love it when aliens are imagined as truly alien, rather than the endless parade of forehead appliques you'd see in most sci-fi (also one of the reason's I'm one of the 6 people who think Starship Troopers is brilliant).

Over time and repeated viewings, I must say I've grown to really enjoy the movie, though. The Minbari guy's line, "You have a hole in your mind" is pretty far reaching actually. Obviously the humor/candor of Londo was in full swing and "The Gathering" placed him ahead in the running for my favorite character while "Midnight on the Firing Line" nailed it down for good.
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