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I think that's a really interesting idea. Not sure if it would take away some of the fun and colour of the B5 story, or whether it would enhance the stories of the five main species. Presumably all the other races would have been wiped out in previous Shadow Wars?

Although in B5 the aliens were always treated as people rather than 'alien' aliens, and the different species were just analogous to different nations allowing JMS to write allegories to twentieth century Earth. So you might lose something from that by having fewer alien species. But in terms of a science fiction story, yes it has been done before in novels but it would be the first time on TV I think.

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"Well, yeah. B5 should always have been B5. It said so itself: 'This is not some deep space franchise, it stands for soemthing.'" B5 should be a completely self-contained show, with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Everything should be resolved, no dangling threads. It should be a perfect little jewel, unlike anyting else."
Oh, don't I wish.
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