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Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0 View Post
My limited understanding is that after B5 didn't get the ratings they wanted, they felt a B5 spinoff wouldn't drag followers from B5 since, in there eyes, there weren't any. So having a show with lots of ties to a show no one watched seemed like a bad move. Thus they wanted it to be as standalone as possible.

According to my limited understanding, which is often shown to be wrong here <G>
Sorta-kinda but not really. Yes, there was some of that - they didn't want new viewers to feel that they needed to see the original show - despite the fact that they were showing that show in re-runs. B5s ratings were fine as far as numbers of viewers was concerned. Good enough that the commissioned Crusade, as we all know. The difference was that Crusade was their first original show and they seemed to want that separate.

The 'problem' wasn't actual ratings that caused TNT to sabotage Crusade, it was that having B5/Crusade didn't grow their viewership. When B5 would come on, the TNT core audience would leave and the B5 folks came in. When B5 went off, the B5 folks left and the TNT people came back. That did nothing to increase their advertising quotes so they decided to get out of their contract by any means necessary (so to speak).

Corporate politics....isn't it amazing that anything of quality *ever* happens?!?

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