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Re: Telepath War

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
I've always been curious as to how Lennier ended up fighting with the Telepath resistance. I know that he wanted to redeem himself in Delenn's eyes but never really figured out why he'd have found the telepath struggle worthy - especially considering their bent toward terrorism.
Might not have related at all. Lots of times we want to do things, and don't get the chance. We want to redeem ourselves for something, and we get hit by a bus, or caught up in a war, or whatever. His redemption may have been learning to put his own need for redemption aside and doing what was needed for the greater good rather than for his own soul.

Which is arguably a recurring theme in JMS.

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
One thing I forgot to mention upthread is that JMS mentioned in the fifth season script books having deliberately made sure that all of the B5 characters were spread out around the galaxy in case he was able to use them in Crusade. From what I gather, TNT somehow wanted to have the connection to B5 without having any actual characters from it. JMS was playing with some interesting ideas, though. At one point he seriously suggested Andreas Katsulast for the part of Galen. That would have been so cool! (pardon the thread drift)
My limited understanding is that after B5 didn't get the ratings they wanted, they felt a B5 spinoff wouldn't drag followers from B5 since, in there eyes, there weren't any. So having a show with lots of ties to a show no one watched seemed like a bad move. Thus they wanted it to be as standalone as possible.

According to my limited understanding, which is often shown to be wrong here <G>

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