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Re: EpDis: A Call To Arms

Originally Posted by A_C_C View Post
In Season 5 and SiL Sheridan had the beard (but not in the "flash-forward" of "War without End").
Time to rewatch the DVDs. If only I had the time.....

I think you took my statement out of context..when I said that seeing Sheridan again after watching SIL it could have provoked a bittersweet response to some people who have watched the show..I realize that the show it filmed out of order it was just something that might help certain people who watched the movie realize why they had a dry taste in their mouth. Plus with the beard statement I wasn't saying that Sheridan having a beard was a problem it's just that his beard is quite different than what it looked like in season 5 plus I think it's even different than SIL even.
IIRC: In Season 5 (2262), Sheridan's beard had a lot of red in it. In ACtA (2267), he's older and greyer, and so is his beard (sort of salt & pepper). In SiL, it's 2281, and it's greyer. Makes sense. Somebody watching in an order that is not Season 5 thru Objects at Rest, ACtA, and then SiL, has to realize what years those are supposed to take place. Me, I can watch any of them in any order and it doesn't bother me in the least, because I know when they're taking place.

I never said it was too dark..I said was it was very dark...too dark no. Again this is my humble opinion nothing to do with yours. I'm not on this site to fight
Nobody's fighting. I was replying to you and A_M_Swallow.

...with anyone I'm just pointing out that IMHO it's a very dark movie.
I was also saying that, it's not very dark IF you've seen SiL prior to ACtA (SiL aired before ACtA.) because you know the plague gets cured by 2281. Otherwise, how would Dr. Franklin, who was on Earth when the plague was released into Earth's atmosphere in 12/2266, be on Mars in 2281? That mitigates the darkness of the ending of ACtA.

People enjoy watching the new Battlestar Galactica as well but if anyone says it isn't darker than the original than they are lying but here it's different if you don't think it's dark great and if it is dark great as well. Besides just because a show is dark doesn't mean it isn't good. I am enjoying the moment but we are all here to analyze the show on our own opinons.
I think you're being oversensitive here. Nobody is trying to overrule or silence anybody else, or say that the other person is wrong, Also, I don't want to have to preface everything I say, that's the least bit a judgement call, with "IMHO." I'm just saying that the ending of ACtA isn't as dark as some people are making it out to be and giving the reason why I think so. Feel free to disagree, but at least state WHY you disagree.

I hope I'm not nitpicking but I felt like some people are nitpicking towards my opinion. Spelling Delenn wrong is one thing that I didn't get upset about and
I'm not nitpicking. Trust me, you haven't even gotten a whiff of nitpicking. Go on rastb5m if you want to see nitpicking by some professional pedants. I just quietly corrected the spelling in the quote, giving you the chance to silently correct it, if you wanted to. I didn't call you on it. I didn't say "Hey, that's Delenn NOT Deleen." I just quietly corrected it in the quote. Trust me, that's as "kid gloves" as it gets. Also, it's against my nature to leave something wrong in a quote, if I notice it. I can't refrain from making it right.
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