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Re: EpDis: The War Prayer

>that sweater
I caught that too. "That sweater". Enough said.

>poor judge of character
Well, I sort of see it. It's easy to overlook "Damn Bonehead cut in front of me at the grocery story today, go back to Minbar already!" when you're with somebody that looks that incredibly dreamy in a sweater like that. Especially when you're young. I dunno how old the Ivanova character is, but I can see 8 years ago being on the generous side of "young and stupid". So she writes it off as all talk even though she knows he's speciesist, and 8 years can be a long time for a seed of hatred to grow into a mighty oak of intolerance.

Especially if the guy's hanging out with military types that have access to the latest hardware. These would be the guys who are actually paid to kill aliens and have lots of reasons to hate them, so they would not be a calming influence.

Also, she's a terrible judge of character.

>poison into the suit
I believe this scene was lifted from an earlier episode and dropped here for time. It seemed slightly out of place, but probably not enough to care if I hadn't read that somewhere. I'd have preferred they not bring it up if they weren't going to answer the question at some point. All the theories work best if left to the imagination, not so much when even the characters don't know.

It seems like this assassination plot was foiled rather easily and they never try again. The ambassadors are easy targets. No extra security is ever implemented, and it would be easy to slip some guys in to shiv them in a hallway at night.

The stealth suits seem pretty superfluous to the story. They never use them for anything that "hiding behind a box" wouldn't solve, and as mentioned, are never seen again.

Ivanova taking over the coffee growing seems kind of lame. Does it ever come up again? I like that JMS had drop-in replacements for everybody in case of cast changes, but most of the others were unique characters. The coffee thing seems too much like she's dropping into the same character.

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