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This episode is a favorite, but also gripes me in many ways. I won't even get into the military protocol debate. I'm daughter of Navy, was Navy briefly myself, and was married to Navy for 15+ years (first enlisted, then he was promoted to CWO, then full officer over the course of his career). The less said about those mistakes the better. But it is true. Darling Michael would not be standing around a superior officer with his hands in his pants!

One point, though. . .Garibaldi is a CWO--Chief Warrant Officer--in Earthforce. That is a commissioned rank, not a noncommissioned one. Someone refered to him as a noncom in a previous post. Currently, Warrants are usually helo pilots, 2-year degree nurses, etc. That's how my ex went from E6 to CWO. . .his ADN.

Anyway. . .

I'm of the "Garibaldi, you idiot!" camp. Don't take a girl to your room, smooching her madly, then drop her like a hot rock when you have this blinding flash of insight. That's the sort of thing that comes BEFORE you get to the grunting and grappling stage. Think with the OTHER head before you get within 25 feet of a bed, thanks! I've always liked the idea of a woman like Dodger for Garibaldi. Lise is a whining, useless, sack of codependent, temper-tantrum-throwing-in-dire-need-of-therapy (expletive deleted). That JMS had him end up with her totally yanks my chain. Michael is one of those powerful characters that compells people either to love him or hate him. I'm in the love him (truly, madly, desperately) category. But, truth be told, he's what I refer to as a "science project man." A real fixer-upper. You don't put two science projects together because it just won't work. Today or centuries into the future, humans are still humans. That's my rant for the day on that topic. No wonder Zack dubbed Daffy the "Egyptian God of Frustration." G totally frustrated me in that ep as well as "Day of the Dead." Being in love with (or just wanting to. . .ahem. . ."boff") men like him truly is all we need to know of hell.

All in all, Dodger was a great character and deserved a little more screen time. But, that's just me. LOL

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