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Re: Star Gate SG1 cancelled

And there I was last Friday thinking, "man, SG-1 seems like it could go on forever."
I thought the same thing recently.

I was a late bloomer to SG-1 because I didn't have Showtime when it was on that network for 5 years. I eventually caught up through syndication and Sci-Fi Channel repeats. I think it's gotten better every year, and I've especially enjoyed the last 4 years.

I may be in the minority here, but I feel that SG-1 is one of the few shows--if not the only show ever--to successfully survive a major re-invention when Richard Dean Anderson left around the same time they elimited the Goa'uld threat. Bringing on a new team leader, new general, and a new enemy race in season 9--and at the same time have one of the lead actors on maternity leave for the first 6 episodes--was risky. And yet, they handled it much better than ever could have been expected.

There's supposed to be an announcement later this week about the future of the Stargate franchise. A producer has hinted that SG-1 is not dead, and I've read that having two simultaneous productions sharing writers, producers, directors, sets, special effects staff, etc., helps with cost, so my hope is that there will be a third Stargate show starting up with at least one SG-1 actor joining Atlantis and at least one other joining a new show. Maybe that's asking for too much.
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