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Re: EpDis: The Quality Of Mercy

I like this episode well enough. It gives some info on Centauri and Minbari cultures (and biology ), but it mostly gives a lot of information about Earth and its colonies/dependencies. Or partial info, that leaves me with SO MANY questions ...

The justice system is ... interesting. I feel like I've commented on this before. Maybe a time or two. Definitely in the thread for "Passing Through Gethsemane" ... Anyway.

It's sort of terrifying how that works in the Babylon 5 universe. One guy decides on guilt and sentencing, with a tiny bit of input of people who have no business making those decisions (referring to the meeting with Sinclair, Garibaldi, and Talia Winters). There's no appeals or anything, just, guilty verdict, and sentenced to death of personality.

Also, I think death of personality is no more humane than a "regular" death sentence. And I think there's some added ethical concerns about "creating" a new person to perform a lifetime of service, although that aspect of it doesn't really come up in this episode. I find it depressing to think that between the 21st and 23rd centuries, Earth evolves from a place where few countries still have the death penalty to a place where it's a normal thing that can be decided on by just one guy, with sentencing carried out essentially within hours (although of course it's possible that Earth has different rules for faraway places like B5 and this isn't how things go on actual Earth). I've become a lot less optimistic about the future of the human race recently so I don't think it's an unrealistic future, just a depressing one

Another thing we see here about the Babylon 5 universe is that medical care isn't free. At least not on Babylon 5. It's not news at this point, it was already mentioned in "Believers" But it always bothers me when it's mentioned. Also pretty depressing.

The list of little things:
  • I agree with KoshFan that security seems a bit light for the transportation of a known murderer to his execution.
  • "Stroke off" makes another appearance. I kinda like it
  • Is this the first time they've had a mindwipe ordered since the station became operational? It seems no one is really sure about procedures and stuff. Why is Franklin treating a part of his job as something that Garibaldi now owes him a favor for? This is confusing.
  • Another depressing thing: "I've got a quota to make, otherwise it comes out of my salary". I
  • How does Franklin have the right to check into people's accounts?? I guess that was part of Garibaldi's investigation into whether or not what Dr. Rosen was doing was illegal, but how can he (Garibaldi) just share information about their personal stuff like that? And how is Janice Rosen not all "YOU DID WHAT?" when he tells her he checked the account?
  • What are the items in that box in Talia's drawer, aside from the ID card and Psi Corps pin?
  • In the casino, Lennier says something like "Hmm, interesting, the odds of getting this particular combination are 5000 to 1 against" ... What type of Poker are they playing??
  • Thanks for explaining PPG wounds to us, Dr. Franklin.
  • The woman behind Londo in the screenshot below ... Is that her head or a hat that happens to match her skin color?
I think we're well beyond pastels now.
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