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Re: EpDis: The Quality Of Mercy

Am I the only one who thinks that Talia's reactions, showing her "client" fear so openly, are unprofessional? I realize that it must be terrible to be inside the head of a multiple murderer, but you'd think she would be able to keep herself at a safe distance to that personality. I guess it goes to show that she is in way over her head, having to take over duties for which she is not sufficiently qualified and trained.

It is interesting that the two plot elements which are completely separate at first connect at the end of the story. And of course knowing to which use the machine will be put in a couple of years is quite poignant.

Putting Londo, the most experienced in all kinds of vices, together with Lennier, who is still a babe in the woods at this time, is a very amusing idea. Again, knowing what will come in Londo's future makes his activities here seem like a very innocent pastime.
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