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Re: Sci-Fi Channel continues to hit new lows...

Didn't I see Bride of Chucky on that channel once?
Bride of Chucky has been on The "Sci-Fi" Channel probably just under 10 times.

Do they think there's Tremors conventions going on in hotel rooms across the country?..... Like people are showing up to these conferences wearing worm constumes and red wigs a'la Reba McIntire?...... I mean it really doesn't get any worse than that does it?....

<font color="orange"> I mean it really doesn't get any worse than that does it?</font color> ?????????

[Kosh] Never ask that question. [/Kosh]

It's like an invitation to the Fates to serve up something worse. [img]images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif[/img]

Regarding this thread's title, I just posted the following on The Sci-Fi Channel's Babylon 5 Bboard:

<font color="orange">
OT: Scare Tactics
My Reaction To The Feb.10...

Date: 02/12/2003
From: KoshN

... "Scare Tactics" commercial (dictated to a personal digital recorder, immediately after viewing the commercial):

To: The Sci-Fi Channel

You know, just when I think you guys couldn't make things any worse, couldn't make things any cheaper, couldn't go any lower (as in lower taste), you one up yourself. I just saw the "Scare Tactics" promo tonight (Feb. 10), and you people SUCK. I cannot believe that anybody would put that BS on the air.

As soon as the last new Farscape episode has aired, I'm dropping you, and I am NEVER, EVER going to watch your damn channel again. You can go to Hell.

I am not going to stay with the channel to see the remaining new SG-1 eps. I'll get my SG-1 on the local UPN affiliate, and when they come out on DVD.

</font color>
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