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Re: JMS announced Babylon 5 film effort

Originally Posted by vorlonlovechild View Post
as mentioned elsewhere, BB is now at an age where he could pull off playing an older and wiser sheridan. Would JMS go down that route and leave the TV series alone? I really do not know. A reboot could be any number of things. It's all guesswork and wishful thinking at the moment.
If they cast similar character again I think Jurasik would be the easiest to return to the same role, he was aged a bit in the original and unlike most of the other major roles I think Londo could work as an older character.

As I said though my guess would be that if JMS is looking at a single film(at least something that will work as a single film even if sequels or a series spinoff were possible) he might well be looking at a slimmed down story focusing more on a central human characters akin to Sinclair/Sheridan. Maybe the mystery around the Earth/Minbari war and that character role in why it ended explored?

Honestly my feeling would be why bother just rebooting B5 and doing exactly the same story again? the original is already a classic so you might as well create something new by giving a new twist on similar material.

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