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Re: EpDis: Rising Star

Sinclair to me though dispite carrying survivors guilt does seem to be emotionally more rounded. Both Ivanova and Marcus seem to display more of a "Samurai" world view, maybe not totally unquestioning in their loyalty but defined by that loyalty to Sheridan and Delenn respectively and the cause they lead.

The difference I think you could argue between them is that they seem to go in opposite directions. Marcus seems most extreme in that mindset when we meet him and is ready to let Neroon kill him for it. As time progresses though he seems more defined by the friendships he develops with the B5 crew and feelings for Ivanova to the extent its actually the latter than he does effective die for.

With Ivanova she moves from still considering opening up to others earlier in the show to really being defined by loyality to Sheridan and the cause as things progress. You can see the effect on her is more extreme than anyone else bar Delenn when Sheridan goes missing presumed dead at the start of season 4 and its her pushing for the most extreme self sacfical tactics when he;s captured at the end of the season.
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