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Re: EpDis: Rising Star

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
If it had been Ivanova who'd had to call Bester in to deal with the rogue telepaths, that would have been some major drama. Not to mention having her allow herself to become involved with Byron only to find that it was a mistake.
I would also have loved to have seen this.

that compassion for others rather than hate should be at the heart of it
Yes, I think that's exactly right. I should have added something like that when I was listing major themes. It is definitely there.

She's quite prone to taking extreme risks elsewhere in the show as well just as Sheridan was.
This is true, but in her (and Sheridan, for that matter), I see it more as duty and her accepting possible death as a consequence of doing what is right than what we see in Sinclair and Marcus who both suffer from survivor's guilt and are pretty much looking for an opportunity to die for something.

Interestingly, you could say that both Ivanova and Marcus came to be in the "Army of Light" because of a loss they suffered. Both of them lost a brother, too. It becomes clear in In The Beginning (and possibly elsewhere, I'm not sure) that Ivanova had decided to sign up with Earth Force before her brother's death, but I still get the impression that his death made her more determined. The situations were different, obviously, and I don't sense in her any guilt. Just loss. Everyone she's ever loved is dead. Yea, pairing her with Byron would be almost cruel, but it would have made sense.
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