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Re: EpDis: Rising Star

I was talking more about her than him and I think you can see especially in the conflict against the advanced destroyers that she's very much of the view that they all must be destroyed no matter the costs(which you can see Marcus is worried about). She's quite prone to taking extreme risks elsewhere in the show as well just as Sheridan was.

Its interesting that you mention that comment by Sebastian, I'd not considered before that it perhaps reflects on the Vorlons rather narrow view of morality relative to Lorien although I would say that Sheridan and Delenn sacrifce is one based on compassion. The view of the show as a whole I would say isn't that dieing for a good cause is wrong but that it isn't the be all and end all of morality and especially that compassion for others rather than hate should be at the heart of it. For Ivanova I think you could make the case that she fears death much less than emotional pain.

Watching Sleeping in Light you do get the idea that she hasn't found an emotional resolution in the years since and that becoming the leader of the rangers is perhaps her chance to do so. To me that did seem to fit into JMS's idea that the story never really end, interesting as well that despite seeming to makeup any ill feeling with CC he's never looked to carry on this story so perhaps he does value that kind of ending?

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