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Re: EpDis: Rising Star

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Ivanova's crying breakdown scene with Franklin on the floor of the medlab is one of the greatest dramatic moments of the show, in my opinion.
Indeed. And the episode gives a wonderful sense of closure... completely justified and well executed considering the uncertainty of season 5 at the time.

Who knew CC could act so well. Too bad we don't get to see it until practically her last appearance.

To be fair theres more to acting that just showing strong emotion and in this case I think the scene works so well exactly because its such a big shift from an otherwise quite emotionally detached and cynical character.

This scene/story always reminded me rather of Kirk in Wrath of Khan following Spocks sacrifice. As with many elements of the story I think JMS does a good job deconstructing architypes. Its not like we haven't seen a lot of characters similar to Ivanova down the years in TV and film, emotionally detached cocksure cynics who'se world view never really gets questioned that much.

I think it makes the plot pack more of a punch in that we've seen the kind of relationship she has with Marcus exist as playful banter without much consequence so many times elsewhere, the same way we don't really question Kirk's gung ho heroism. To then find that yes there is consequence to such a characters world view/actions catches us unawares just as it catches them.

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