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Re: EpDis: Dust To Dust

I like this episode a lot. Important G'Kar stuff, seemingly out of nowhere! But there's a lot of other good stuff in there, too.

The scene at the beginning, with the Night Watch security guy harassing that shopkeeper. I love it. I love how Sheridan is not putting up with that Night Watch crap at all.

I like the idea of Dust existing, and being used as a recreational drug. Just the sort of thing you'd expect to exist in the B5 universe. And of course, at the end we find out it was another Psi Corps experiment.

Vir's arrival I love Vir. I've mentioned elsewhere I've come to realize he's the true hero of the show, but even aside from that, he's just so likable. And that Minbari shirt he's wearing is very funny, as is Londo's disapproval. The whole Londo and Vir bit is excellent. They're a bit Bert and Ernie-ish, but it's fun. I do feel bad for Vir when Londo trashes his report on Minbar.

Then the bits with Londo and G'Kar are powerful stuff. Kind of beside the point here, but, I notice that in the flashback to where Londo talks about his assignment as ambassador, he's wearing what could be his purple coat from earlier on in the show, but it's missing the decoration. Do the Centauri coat decorations signify social standing or something?

Ivanova wanting to kill Bester. It's good stuff ... I can totally understand her desperation, there. Fortunately Sheridan saved the day, eh? It does make me wonder exactly how the voice commands for the defense grid work. Does the computer recognize Sheridan's voice as outranking Ivanova's order? Does the defense grid have a slight delay?

Something else about this episode that I only started noticing after many viewings is obvious in this scene, too. The "conversation just to explain the plot to the audience" thing. Here's Ivanova thinking out loud so that we can all follow along. At the end of the episode, Bester does a similar thing, when he starts talking about the Dust thing to the other Psi Cop, who presumably already knows the things he is telling her.

I like the Minbari telepath idea, and how dismayed Bester looks when he finds them there. "Nothing like a level playing field to ruin a Psi Cop's day", indeed. I'm not sure I would have trusted him, even on the sleepers. Dude is creepy!

That bit with Londo and the Drazi ambassador is interesting, too. Londo threatening him with invasion and all. Then, I like the conversation Vir has with Delenn and Lennier after Londo leaves the room, where they talk about Londo and Lennier says "A darkness carried in the heart cannot be cured by moving the body from one place to another", and Vir sort of defending Londo: "someday he will surprise you".

A side note about the Drazi. I suppose the 1.2 human years of the big purple/green fight have passed now, but we've seen some Drazi newly arrived at the station who didn't wear sashes (the pilgrims in "Convictions", for one). Perhaps the devoutly religious don't participate? Or maybe if you're traveling you get a break from participating? Ahh, I have so many questions about that odd custom

I like the part where Bester tells Garibaldi they both do the same thing, using their uniform/badge to intimidate, and that he too is only trying to protect Earth. It's a recurring theme that I like.

I guess that's quite enough for one post
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