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Re: EpDis: Dust To Dust

Edit: oops, I notice that Galahad already made a very similar guess. Well, I'll keep mine around too, no point in deleting it.

Originally Posted by maneth View Post
However, that makes me wonder, why can the Narns, who haven't had telepaths in centuries, see the Vorlons, while the Centauri who have telepaths working for the court can't? Is that because they've always been closer to the Shadows than the Vorlons, or what?
Kosh may have been trying to convey a message to Londo personally.

Or less likely, someone else may have been been trailing Londo, and decided to protect his mind from being touched by the illusion. For a reason, or out of whim.

Since it's never mentioned what any other Centauri saw, nor what cameras saw (did the illusion have an optical facet, or was it purely mental), we can speculate...

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