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Re: The Dresden Files

Originally Posted by fisheggs View Post
She was the mother, of the kid. I forget which ep. I'll have to "hold" it at my library. And watch again. If it wasn't her, then it was her evil step twin.

As far as wizard talent, not yet. But I'm Irish: I believe in Luck.
1. Can you remember anything about the plot of the episode you think Pat was in? If you threw me some clues, I could probably check it out. I OWN the DVD set.

2. Wizard talent is at odds with electronics. That's part of the reason Harry drives an OLD VW Beetle (WWII~Korean War era Jeep in the TV show). That's one of the areas where the TV show screwed up; they showed Harry and a girlfriend watching a DVD at Harry's. The more a wizard is using his/her powers or the more emotion they have going at the time (e.g. anxiety), the more likely the wizard will fry any electronics nearby, and the nearer, the worse the damage. Modern cars with computers won't survive long around Harry. PCs are of course out of the question.Sometimes he can keep himself restrained enough to use a modern car for a fairly short trip in a pinch.
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