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Re: The Dresden Files

Funny thing happened while watching DF: My DVD player died. On a Saturday night. I went Sunday morning to get a new one. I had checked the nearby BestBuy's web page and saw they had an open box panasonic 3d bluray and decided to upgrade. While there I noticed they had a 50' 3d panasonic plasma open box for under $800, incliuding tax, with free delivery. I now have a new 3d system.

I rather enjoeyd the show. Any program that has Pat Tallman and Claudia Black as guest stars is a good show. Good call on watching Storm Front first. The hockey stick didn't bother me: I've spent a good deal of time in Chicago and wouldn't bat an eye if someone wandered by with one. He did use the drumstick in jail, to create a hologram. The FX were adequete, not brilliant, but not "cheesy". Paul B was a good casting choice, the lady cop ... not so much. I think it probably deserved a second season and if it had been on the CW network, would have gotten it. I'm rather impressed by CW's ability to foster shows and actually give them a chance, other networks should take heed.

I look forward to the books.
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