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Re: Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Originally Posted by Triple F View Post
Pretty sure he said something about finding first ones that were left behind, might have imagined it, but at the time I remember thinking wtf.
I think you may be thinking of this:

Originally Posted by A Call to Arms
SHERIDAN: ...We know there were other races as old as the Shadows...One of them must have found a cure. We'll find them. We have to.

I think that was Sheridan spouting a little PR talk. You have to realize who he's addressing. Do these people know that Lorien took all the remaining First Ones away with him at Corianna 6? Probably not. Remember Marcus' conversation with the Mars Resistance leaders and how little they knew of The Shadow War? (Racing Mars) Marcus, "Just my luck! My first time in my life, I'm a war hero and nobody knows about it."

Sheridan's just trying to keep people's spirits up at this dark time, and give them a good feeling about the chances of the Excalibur's mission. Besides, they don't have to find First Ones, just other races who might have been exposed to the same plague (which is just really a Shadow test, with the worthy races finding a cure in time.....survival of the fittest.).
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