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Re: Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
Oh yes it can! Both had $3 million budgets. Both were made after Warner Brothers lost, sold or destroyed almost all of the 1993-1999 B5 and Crusade resources. Everything made after Crusade was operating under a handicap of missing resources.
Pretty irrelevant (to this argument at least). jms made a conscious decision to have things like the ship designs look very different Ė presumably to show there was more to the B5 Ďverse than had already been seen. One failing that the show didnít have was a lack of CGI, extras walking about or actors done up in prosthetics (which the Lost Tales did suffer from). Though I note that it did have one thing in common with Crusade. Executive interference.

At the time jms said there wasnít any (but thatís just typical hype), cost did effect the whole Liandra gun pod thing (the set for the original idea was going to be far and away the most expensive and time consuming to build), but the studio execs also felt folks wouldnít accept the concept of a fully articulated chair. Itís the same reason why the ship didnít fire beams, instead the exedcs wanted energy bolts. (I noticed that was a complaint some folks raised at the time).

Anyway, itís done and filed under crap in most folks book. Maybe a bit unfair, but there you go.

Personally, I thought A Call To Arms in a few respects was far more clumsy in execution - it also felt very rushed in places. Sheridan was looked upon as a bit of a dithering old fool for a fair section of the movie, just to fit the story. The part where the captain of the other vessel calls his little girl just before he decides he has no option but to ram the ship against the planet killer, while stating that he promised his little girl to protect her from the monsters, felt like a last minute (and poorly placed) addition.

Sections of the CGI was truly terrible, did you see the unfinished model of the Warlock fleeing the imploding death cloud. Theyíre going to look for First Ones to help find a cure for the plague. Plot twits like that are reminiscent of 1930ís serials where the viewer is treated like they had the memory retention of a gold fish. You know, buck rodgers with their cliff hangers and the next episode starts with a whole new set of the goal posts in order to allow our hero to escape.

No, didnít like it very much. That and river of souls. Not so much for the story ideas but more for how they were actually put together.
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