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Re: Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by Triple F View Post
The biggest problem for any sequel to overcome – movie, tv show or comic – is the expectations of the viewer. There is none, or very little, for the original but a follow-up has an immense uphill struggle to prove itself in it’s own terms – a child in the shadow of a famous parent.
As far as I'm concerned, Crusade did well there, but it has thirteen 44 minute episodes, not just ~88 minutes.

Originally Posted by Triple F View Post
Saying that however, LoTR was pretty bad in places, and it can’t be put down to lack of cash like the Lost Tales.
Oh yes it can! Both had $3 million budgets. Both were made after Warner Brothers lost, sold or destroyed almost all of the 1993-1999 B5 and Crusade resources. Everything made after Crusade was operating under a handicap of missing resources.

Originally Posted by Triple F View Post
Someone once said, and I paraphrase a bit here, you can’t cut the head off a production team and expect him to function the same way without the body.

B5 worked for a lot of reasons. LoTR looked like tv sci-fi by the numbers.
B5:LotR looked like the morphing of B5 and a "Sci-Fi Channel Original" weekend Z-movie.

Originally Posted by Triple F View Post
I also believed it had potential (most shows do), but I have my doubts on whether it would/could have ever been reached.
....because at The Sci-Fi Channel, the budget would have remained tight. Plus, it was The Sci-Fi Channel's idea to ge with a new, 20-something cast.

OMG, when I look at Crusade now, it looks like the good ol' days, and at the time it was a step down from B5. Back when Crusade was in production, only some of the B5 sets had been destroyed (because they were worn out.). By the time the Rangers pilot was filmed, almost all of the B5 & Crusade sets (even the newly constructed, post-hiatus, elaborate Crusade sets) were destroyed. Hell, I watch "The Rules of the Game" and it feels 99% like B5.
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