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Re: EpDis: A Call To Arms

Originally Posted by Babylon5fan07 View Post
For me it's the music..I thought in context of the movie it was ok at best but overall the movie was very good but the soundtrack left a dry taste in my mouth. I realize a lot of you like the ACTA soundtrack but for me it just didn't do it.
To me, Chen's music added just the right amount of alien-ness to ACtA and Crusade (except for the end "music" from "Ruling from the Tomb" - the pops, boings, baby crying and dog barking was utter crap.).

Originally Posted by Babylon5fan07 View Post
I wonder if its because the main Babylon 5 saga was finished and this was a prelude to the Crusade series?..I one thing I really miss Delenn in this movie
Well, not everybody could be in every movie.

Originally Posted by Babylon5fan07 View Post
..Is it the beard? Or watching Sheridan lay to rest in SIL and then showing up in this movie perhaps?
Stuff is filmed out of order. You have to put it in context. No big deal.

In B5 Seasons 1 through 5 (2258-2262), Sheridan had no beard. In ACtA (late 2266/early 2267), he had one. In SiL (2281), he didn't. Nothing wrong with that. Guys do that all the time, grow a beard, live with it for awhile, get tired of it, and shave it off. Perfectly normal.

Originally Posted by Babylon5fan07 View Post
Of course this movie is very dark too maybe that's it?
Originally Posted by A_M_Swallow View Post
A Call to Arms had an unhappy ending, that will have produced a large reduction in the amount of enjoyment it gives.
Too dark? Nooooo. It's that "voltage" that's needed to get Crusade started. Some might say that because you know the Drakh plague is cured by the time you get to SiL (2281), it reduces the effect of the end of ACtA, by making that not dark. You know the cure is found so the peril is defused. Personally, I think that is partly true, but I would have been able to watch Crusade and enjoy the ride, i.e. enjoy finding out how they found the cure and what happened to them along the way. Enjoy the moment, people! If you get on a roller coaster, you pretty much know that you'll be OK when the ride ends, but you still enjoy it, right?
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