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Re: EpDis: A Call To Arms

Originally Posted by RW7427 View Post
I voted A, but I had a rough time deciding if it should be A or B. ACtA is a very good movie, but it just seems to be lacking a little something. I can't quite figure out what that something is though.
Originally Posted by GKarsEye View Post
I can only really look at this movie as a prelude to Crusade. Since that series never really got going, I haven't felt a desire to re-watch it since I bought the DVDs.

First for RW7427 and of course everyone else. I wonder if the reason why this movie isn't an A+ because Evan Chen is the composer and Christopher Franke didn't come back. Watching the new Battlestar Galactica series especially the mini-series I understand what Evan was trying to do but I hate to say this but the music was terrible. The movie itself was GREAT! but I have to give this movie a B+ because not Franke in the movie. Plus as GKarsEye says it's a prelude to the crusade so I actually rate this more for the spinoff..I'm just really really really sad that the series never got off the ground but I'm glad that the the B5 finished the story a little more in the novels in the books...

[COLOR=#003399]The Long Night of Centauri Prime (Babylon 5: Legions of Fire, Book 1)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#003399]Armies of Light and Dark (Babylon 5: Legions of Fire, Book 2)[/COLOR]

and of course... [COLOR=#003399]Out of the Darkness (Babylon 5: Legions of Fire, Book 3)[/COLOR]
which are available at or you can look for it at your local book store. Trust me these 3 books really are worth it in every way. It really puts the icing on the cake for the series.
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