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Re: EpDis: A Call To Arms

Yes, ACTA was lacking that something that is hard to explain. ITB was a much better movie. More thought out but then it had to be. The battle scenes against the planet killer looked pretty bad at times. Or maybe it was the music that seemed to throw everything off a bit. And Sheridans hair ? Who had that idea to comb it forward ? To me it looked silly. As others stated earlier, even though Sheridan is not perfect. His decision to enter the null field was a bonehead manuever. I remember when I watched ACTA when it first aired. I was thinking......No he is not doing what I think he is about to do. Goodbye to the president of The Interstellar Alliance.
On the postive side of things, we were introduced to Galen and Durenna. It is a shame that we did not get a chance to see there story continued when Crusade was cancelled.

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