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Re: EpDis: Chrysalis

It would have been interesting to see just where things would have led had Michael O'Hare stayed with the show. Would it have been Catherine Sakai mysteriously returning from Z'Ha'Dum at the end of season three, not Anna Sheridan?
For the last time: NO!!! Sakai would never have had the role of Anna Sheridan because of one tiny detail: the Shadows had already been awoken in Season 1. And there would be no blowing up Z'ha'dum, no Lorien, no ISA, etc.

JMS already said this a dozen times: Sheridan wasn't created to replace Sinclair with the same character but a different name, any more than Lochley was there to play the role of Ivanova; they were different characters with different unrelated arcs.

That same mistake of transfering one character to another led a lot of people to think that Ivanova would end up with Takashima's mole arc, which was not the case.
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