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Re: EpDis: Chrysalis

Another excellent episode. Great action, great tension (Garibaldi crawling towards the lift, can he warn about the assasination atempt in time? )a great mysteryand wonder. Everything starts to hit the fan here, like Sinclair says, "Nothing's the same anymore..." It would have been interesting to see just where things would have led had Michael O'Hare stayed with the show. Would it have been Catherine Sakai mysteriously returning from Z'Ha'Dum at the end of season three, not Anna Sheridan?

We get our first proper look at the Shadow's vessels in battle, and the destruction of Earth Force One is a major turning point. And then right at the end we get our first glimpse of the Shadows themselves. I thought this was a fantastic episode the first time round, and I still get a thrill watching it now, because there is a feeling that anything could happen, the audience knows it, and by the end the charcters have come to know it.
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