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Re: EpDis: The Hour Of The Wolf

I've often wondered about Klingon "counter culture". It seems highly unlikely that 100% of the population would be on board with the whole "HONOUR! DEATH! RARGH!" thing. I've done a small amount of Googling, but I've never been all that involved in Star Trek fandom (or, at all involved, really), so that's about the full extent of my research into that

I have similar questions about Centauri counter culture. It'd be interesting to explore .. I guess we get a TINY little bit of that in The War Prayer, with those two young Centauri who want to go against tradition and marry for love. Anyway, there must be Centauri, or groups of Centauri who don't do the "Centauri" hair and "Centauri dress". We saw emperor Turhan without his wig, it must not be THAT uncommon.

Related, I sort of wonder if Centauri become indistinguishable from humans if they dress "human". Indistinguishable from white humans, anyway ... Are all Centauri white, or white-appearing? That would be sort of odd, considering how light skin, light hair, and light-colored eyes evolved under some very specific circumstances on Earth. I guess the exact same circumstances occurred on Centauri Prime and Minbar ...

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