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Re: EpDis: Severed Dreams

No, I know that happened in Endgame but the arrival of Delenn's forces in Severed Dreams seemed too perfect for them to have just gotten there. Without Sheridan asking her to engage at that time, I think Delenn decided to jump to normal space when that second wave arrived.

From JMS speaks on Severed Dreams

Why didn't Sheridan ask for help from Draal or Delenn?
The other thing to bear in mind about all this is the question of a "clean fight." If Sheridan were to bring in alien forces at his order to kill humans, it would pretty much destroy his credibility. Delenn came in at the end but only after he'd made his stand on his own.
One of the things that kicked off the French Revolution was the allegation that the King had brought in or was bringing in Prussian troops to help put down dissenters. As long as it was all more or less in the family, that was one thing...but to bring in outsiders was an absolute affront to them. (One of the singular incidents that started the fighting itself was a group of Prussian soldiers sighted sitting in a cafe having lunch, which caused this rumor about outsiders coming in to spread like wildfire, and led to the some of the first major incidents of rioting.)

Two brothers may fight one another, but let a third unrelated person come in and shove one of the brothers around, and they'll *both* turn on him.

During the worst days of the civil war, even Lincoln was offered assistance in troops from at least one other country; he declined, because it was an internal matter, and had to be resolved by those involved, not outsiders.

Sheridan's logic was exactly the same. It had to be a clean fight.
Based on that, I do not think Sheridan would have wanted help with the first wave of ships even if he knew Delenn was standing by in hyperspace. It just seems that Delenn have arrived before we actually saw the ships jump into normal space. So, I think that she arrived but was holding off on taking an active role until it became apparent that B5 needed help.
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