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Re: EpDis: Severed Dreams

Originally Posted by Lousy_Dodgers View Post
I am not 100% sure on this but did Delenn's forces arrive just after the second group or were they standing by in hyperspace? Based on something JMS said about Delenn knowing Sheridan would want to have a clean fight, I think she may have arrived during the first wave but held off entering the battle because it would create political problems for Sheridan. However, once Sheridan made his stand, the important thing was to stop that second wave of ships which B5 simply did not have the power to repel. That is my interpretation on what happened but as I said, I am not 100% clear on it. I think I like it a bit more than the other possibility which would be that Delenn just happened to arrive at the right moment.
I think you're mixing two episodes together: "Severed Dreams" and "Endgame".

In Endgame, Delenn was at the head of the alien fleet. They remained in hyperspace while Sheridan led the collected forces of Earth ships and White Stars against Earth's orbital defense platform network. Sheridan didn't want to be seen as bringing an alien fleet to conquer Earth, so Delenn and the alien fleet stayed away until after Sheridan got the message from the Earth Senator that Clark had set the orbital defense platform network to fire at Earth itself. Sheridan then called Delenn and her fleet in to help take out the remaining platforms.
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