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Re: EpDis: Z'ha'dum

So a friend of mine is doing a re-watch after MANY years and he just finished Z'HA'DUM, 3.22. He started talking to me about it today and remembering everything that happens. It was so great because he had bits and pieces, but he wasn't remembering the whole correctly. It jogged his memory that Garibaldi was taken and that led to him being altered, but as he remembers it this was specifically to betray Sheridan during the Civil War. I almost spoiled it, but back peddled quite a bit so as to leave it as a surprise when he gets there. Unfortunately I spoiled it enough that he knows what happens to Garibaldi isn't specifically to betray Sheridan. I hate it when I do that. I get so excited to be talking face to face with someone about B5 that I lose control a blurt out everything that pops in my head. At least I didn't give away the main reason Garibaldi was taken.
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