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Richard Compton directed 'Infection' and 'Midnight on the Firing Line,' both of which I thought were terrific. Some of his other episodes tended to be clunky, some of the ones which aren't considered among the best. But the first season was very clunky in some places and very polished in others. That's something I love about season one, that it was so experimental, that every idea they had got filmed, the whole crew came up with ways to make it work on a budget. Sometimes it didn't work, but by this process they got most of the kinks out, and season two was a more polished production. But I do think some of the writing in the first season was the best. The wild ideas and concepts just kept coming. A refugee export service! After years of watching Next Generation, that was the line that made me think 'Oh damn, I don't think we're on the Love Boat anymore.'

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