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Re: New To Babylon 5

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Hey all!

Been a while since I have posted and just wanted to come say Hi and see how you're all doing!

Time does fly I did not realize the last time I posted was May!! crazy how time just slips away from you.

So yeh, how's everyone doing?
Yes very true. It is amazing how busy and distracted we can get and then BAM! months have passed.


Haha indeed it does!

I've still got Babylon 5 to watch through again for a 2nd time! I watched the first season and took a bit of a break and started on season 2 the other night, 6 episodes into season 2 and loving it, feels like I never seen it because I took a few months off watching.

Doing that is actually very surprising because you actually forget a lot of things and that makes it still feel super fresh.

So yeh I will be watching more of Season 2 tonight!

What you up to yourself these days?
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