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Re: Rewatch #3 Big theme ideas and questions

Originally Posted by JohnGaunt3.0 View Post
Enough power to destroy but not control, haven't heard of that problem before! LOL

I wonder about Pres Clark now, was he rebelling against the Shadows by turning the EA insular or was it some deep plot to have a reserve force to kick over the remaining anthills once the dust settled? Earth become a moot point when the Vorlons entered into direct combat, but it would explain the Shadow tech destroyers.
Maybe by becoming insular, that would foster a general fear of others, and perhaps Earth would then lash out, making preemptive strikes against those they fear?

Humans were new on the scene too, having not been around for the previous war a thousand years ago, so maybe the Shadows were planting seeds now and anticipating that they'll be useful in the next war in another thousand years.
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