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Re: EpDis: Survivors

I have mixed feelings about Survivors. On the one hand, it's a Garibaldi episode, and it has some decent scenes / dialogue involving him, his alcoholism, and his relations with the other characters. On the other hand, I think perhaps some of the acting is a little off (though not Jerry Doyle's) and some of the characterisation is maybe a little out (I'm still not convinced Londo would have set Garibaldi up and destroyed his life 'in a minute', given how sentimental Londo is about notions of honour). I also can't help sympathising with Major Kemmer, and thinking she was perfectly within her rights to behave as she did from the moment Garibaldi became the overwhelming prime suspect in an attempted presidential assassination and the others started obstructing her (though the script later makes her apologise for it and says she was on a witch hunt). Also I can't quite forgive the timer stopping at T minus 1 second. So I give it a C+.
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