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Re: B5 Reboot?? Is it true??!!?!

Originally Posted by Kyehlar View Post
With all this mobile talk, I'm starting to think I'm the only one left that still uses a desktop to access message boards.
I work sooooo much that I don't get time to even power up and shutdown my laptop PC. My only day off is Tuesday, and most times I have to work at least part of it, too, and I work on-call. My last three calls to work were ASAP calls. I had to do use the laptop PC on Tuesday Oct. 12 to pay the credit card bills. The battery was dead. It was the first time I'd turned it on in 2 monrhs! Last time, I'd paid the whole balance on both cards, so nothing was due last month.

That's why I'm using my smartphone to type my posts. I can leave for work almost instantly, and the phone is always with me.
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