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Re: EpDis: Walkabout

Hah, yes, I suppose it does sound (read) a bit harsh He's obviously a very well-intentioned person, willing to go to great lengths to stand by his principles. He didn't want to hand over his notes on the Minbari during the war so as to not contribute to the creation of biological weapons, or whatever else the military might come up with, he was running the underground railroad for the rogue telepaths, and that free clinic downbelow. He was ready to go into the isolab when the Drafa plague was killing all the Markab, .. There's lots of good things to say about him.

To be honest, I am totally with him when it comes to his actions in "Believers", too. I would put that in the same category as all the stuff above, even if it obviously didn't end well. He did his very best to save that kid. I don't think he could have done anything else, because he is so dedicated to his job, to helping people (sentient beings).

But, he clearly has has his faults like the rest of us, and they come to the foreground more when he's dealing with his stim problem. He was being a total ass to Cailin, at least at first.

I didn't start commenting here, until halfway through the second season of this re-watch. I started JUST after "The Long Dark", which is probably a good thing because that's where I would have been the harshest on Dr. Franklin. He's totally inappropriate and creepy in that
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