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Re: Steven Furst directs "Dragon Storm"...

Well I am going to say right now that I think he did a hell of a job with this movie under the circumstances. As has been stated, this movie is a SciFi (SyFy) Original Made-For-TV-Monster-Movie-Of-The-Week. We've all seen them, or at least seen them advertised. They are filmed with no money, the cheapest monster effects possible, and just about any actor who will take the job. I won't lie this is not a particularly good movie when stacked up against other movies, but it is a very above average movie when stacked up against other movies of the same ilk.

First and foremost is how shockingly good the CGI dragons are for low budget 2004. I was amazed how well they turned out and were used. Seriously, I think I read the budget for this movie was $1,000,000.00, which is a very small amount when you consider John-Rhys Davies is in it at the height of Lord of The Rings glory. And let me tell you, I think Davies is pretty good in this given the fact that the script isn't great. His character is good and he shines much brighter than anyone else in the movie. Maxwell Caulfield does not shine in the slightest. Painful might be a better way to describe how Caulfield turns out. He might be the low light of the movie.

This is definitely one of those movies that it is truly a shame Stephen didn't have more of a budget. Unfortunately if he had it likely would have only gone to more Special Effects. But this brings me to the strange thing about this movie that has already been discussed in this thread. For some reason Stephen Furst, born Stephen Fuerstein, credits himself as Steven Fuerstein. The interview link in the previous post no longer works. Did that interview give an explanation to why he changed his name? Was he embarrassed by the movie or was he was trying to create a directing alter ego or what? I really want to know the answer because it bothers me. I see no reason he should have been embarrassed by Dragon Storm (I actually plan to buy the DVD), so I hope that isn't the reason. Like I said the dragons turned out great and not everyone in the movie is terrible. The plot wasn't the strongest, but it is a Made-For-TV-Monster-Movie with no budget, what can you expect?! I really felt he did a lot with what he had to work with.

Anyway, if anyone knows why he altered his name for the Dragon Storm credits please let me know. I noticed he credited himself as Louie Myman on a couple of other movies. Maybe I will have a better understanding if I ever see them.
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