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Aborted v4 upgrade today

A few of you may have seen B5TV change today... then change back! Here's the situation.

vBulletin has brought out v4. For a full upgrade, it seems to do very little indeed. However as I managed four vBulletins (including this and TrekBBS) I decided to upgrade B5TV as a test to see what it was like.

I was as underwealmed as I suspected. The product has not moved on at all. On a code-level it was different, but for us as end users and admins there was negligle difference.

But due to the new look, they changed the styles completely which means I'd have had to rebuilt the entire look of the site (colours and all) in a very clumsy system with no documentation. YAY!

But while I was prepared to put in the time for change, I found out tonight that vBulletin has changed its upgrade price from $40 to $175. This is ridiculous, particularly across the four boards I manage. I don't thikn the upgrade was worth $40... but would have paid it, as I like vBulletin. But $175... ha ha ha ha.

So I will investigate alternative boards in the future. But it seemed pointless thus investing time into getting v4 running, so decided to revert B5TV to v3.

There are a few posts lost, but I took notes of their content and will PM the people concerned so they can repost them.
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