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Re: Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

Originally Posted by JonFrain View Post
I know you keep up with his statements of recent years where I only catch snippets here and there. All I remembered was that he would write it in 2016, film in 2017 and use his own studio. I think the budget he quoted was $100 or $120 million? I'd say anything over $50 million would be too much to invest on a B5 film as even Ghostbusters couldn't ride it's name to profits with a $140 million or so budget.
At the risk of acting 'like I know everything', the original plan was to write it in 2015 and produce in 2016. And he intended (intends?) to invite WBs participation if they want in.

A hundred million seems perfectly in line with the line he drew in the sand that there'd be no more low-budget B5 projects.

As for Ghostbusters? Looking at IMDb (pro), the budget is estimated at $144MM and in three weeks they've grossed almost $110MM in the USA alone. I don't think there's any doubt it's going to make money.

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