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Re: EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing

Well, I certainly can't and won't argue with the general consensus regarding this episode - the "A" story is not one of B5's finest moments! It really feels way too small, not nearly significant enough to give the show its title. The danger does not feel big enough, and the mystery of the lost level falls flat.

The arc aspect, with Delenn's inauguration as Ranger One, is much weightier. Neroon's character development, Marcus' bravery, the dialogues between the two of them - including especially the final one in Med Lab! - are top notch. The cutting back and forth between the staid ceremony and the dramatic fight is great, as is the lighting effect with the fans in the background.

Seeing a very proud Minbari admitting to having learned a lesson from a human is a greater than life moment - though one could wish, of course, that Neroon would have continued to improve his character. He seems to fall back into old habits later on.
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