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Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

I think that would make for an extremely interesting story.

Perhaps in the distant future (I think it would ruin a lot of fun if you did it so early in the timeline), a distress signal is emitted from the Soul Hunter home planet. The message is picked up. The alliance arrive to investigate what has happened. However after teams arrive on the surface , they find a planet devoid of humanoid life but completely filled with an endless sea of Soul Hunter galleries. Soul Hunters in varying states of decay are strewn across the surface and in buildings.

While the investigation is being carried out, the other recipients of the message... the last remaining Soul Hunters from the edge of known space... arrive on the scene in previously unseen capital ships (that house their smaller one man vessels). A fierce skirmish takes place above the planet.

The last Soul Hunters have come to protect the vast collection knowing they are the last of their kind... and mistake the Alliance for grave robbers. the situation would be further complicated by characters among the Rangers who sympathised with a view akin to Delenn's. The troubled Ranger Captain would then have to contend with the heated disagreement.

In the end it would become apparent that the Soul Hunters couldn't approach their own planet because of the disease that killed their own kind. The resolution would be that someone from the Ranger crew would volunteer to stay behind and act as custodian to the soul galleries.... possibly the doctor as some of the Soul Hunters hadlanded on the planet and contracted the early stage of the disease and he agrees to both protect their assets and do what he can to save the sick.

The alliance and soul hunter fleets would fly off at the resolution.
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