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Re: EpDis: The Deconstruction Of Falling Stars

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I haven't seen the episode in quite a while, but didn't Daniel also say that his party was concerned about the purity of the human race? Does that mean interspecies-coupling was spreading?
At which, Sheridan retorted that it's just PR. The real reason was the Alliance restriction of outright unprovoked wars, especially that of expansion.

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Indeed. It would be interesting to know, because particle beams would probably not make the world dangerous to visit for short periods. That said, the brothers didn't seem to wear any hazmat protection.
I don't know whether the war at 500 was the Great Burn, but if it was, then the reason for other races (and human colonies) abandonment of Earth was in line with what the monks discussed, their xenophobic attitude.

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Originally Posted by FlyingCircus View Post
Does that mean interspecies-coupling was spreading?
Don't think that's what he meant. The species of Babylon 5 can't create hybrid children without genetic manipulation, which is why Delenn had to go through the Chrysalis to conceive a child with a human.
And they had different sets of genitals too (not that THAT can't be overcome, knowing that people will fuck their hands, doorknob, bicycle, cat, and whatnot). Londo was shown to have his "penis" slammed during a card game. And a species (Drazi?) in Call to Arms had his genitals somewhere around his elbow.

Oh, and one thing that nagged me a bit was the nova. Why the sun would went nova within 1 million years? The way the story goes, it's a natural occurrence. But the sun, barring injury and illness, may live for another 5 billion years.

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