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Re: Legend of the Rangers

The biggest problem for any sequel to overcome Ė movie, tv show or comic Ė is the expectations of the viewer. There is none, or very little, for the original but a follow-up has an immense uphill struggle to prove itself in itís own terms Ė a child in the shadow of a famous parent..

Saying that however, LoTR was pretty bad in places, and it canít be put down to lack of cash like the Lost Tales. Someone once said, and I paraphrase a bit here, you canít cut the head off a production team and expect him to function the same way without the body.

B5 worked for a lot of reasons. LoTR looked like tv sci-fi by the numbers.

I also believed it had potential (most shows do), but I have my doubts on whether it would/could have ever been reached.
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