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Re: Legend of the Rangers

Spinoff Pilots seem to be an awfully risky place to do stuff that's clearly out of character for the parent show. e.g. the Ranger Council (which could easily be mistaken for the Grey Council, the only Minbari council we'd ever seen up to that point), and their "We do not retreat for ANY reason." insanity/stupidity.

To fans of the parent show, it looks like the writer has lost his mind, or that it was actually written by somebody who had no clue about the parent show. Then, if the pilot doesn't get good enough ratings for the TV series to be picked up (which it likely won't if the pilot looked ridiculous, like B5:LotR), the writer has no chance to fix things, no second chance, and the pilot looks like crap for the rest of time.

A 13 episode start to a spinoff, like Crusade got, is a far better way to go. If only Cousin It from Atlanta hadn't reared his ugly, rotten, spiteful head!!!!!!!!
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