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Re: EpDis: Rumors, Bargains and Lies

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
I have a big problem with this episode, and its the way Sheridan goes around deceiving the non-aligned worlds to get them to act as he likes. Though we know plenty of stuff like that goes on in real life, to begin working towards the Alliance like that doesn't seem like an honest foundation on which to build it, when the Alliance makes such a big deal about principles. This episode also portrays the non-aligned aliens as pretty stupid people (in fact, quite a few of the episodes do, and its rare we see an individual Drazi or Markab or whatever act like they have a modicum of intelligence). So yeah, not a big fan of this episode. At least its got the Minbari plot to keep it going.
I'm glad this is the first post, because I have the same problem with this episode. Well, I think the idea that ALL of the representatives of the Non Aligned Worlds are bumbling buffoons bothers me more than the deception, but that whole storyline kinda rubs me the wrong way. And Sheridan smirking to himself and not explaining anything doesn't do it for me either.

That said, I'm a big fan of the Minbari storyline. I always like Neroon scenes. His is a great character. This isn't the first time that a Neroon story coincides with what I consider to be a lesser story in the same episode (see also Grey 17 is Missing). The Minbari civil war is a very interesting plot. I like how Delenn calls upon Neroon to end it. An excellent move. The other members of the religious caste plotting against Delenn, willing to sacrifice themselves over something that they have assumed to be true based on fairly little evidence, also very interesting. I guess it sort of mirrors the Non-Aligned Worlds plot, where they're just assuming they're getting shafted and acting rather hasty and thoughtless because of it. Lennier, ever steadfast and stalwart, saving the day for everyone. And he's lying, not so much to protect those other religious Minbari's honor, but to protect Delenn. I guess that's also allowed It's an interesting choice and I'm not entirely sure if I agree with it. I enjoy watching the embarrassed looks on everyone's faces when Delenn talks about how they are her steady rock. Especially Guy Siner, who has just the right face for that sort of thing. It's fairly hard to imagine that Delenn isn't picking up on this, but I suppose she comes from an environment where she would never expect such dishonesty ... Or maybe she does know, but chooses not to say anything, because surely they have learned their lesson?

There's another great bit with Londo reflected in mirrors in this episode.
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