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Re: EpDis: Exogenesis

The "monster" does look like something out of the original Star Trek - or the Khan movie. I must give JMS credit for changing the basic premise, but that part of the story isn't as fascinating as most episodes.

I watched this a couple of days ago, making notes of some things that occurred to me. One was that a female doctor looked very familiar. I looked up the detailed credits and found Carrie Dobro's name! I hadn't realized that she was on B5 before doing Crusade.

I love the Ivanova/Marcus/Corwin subplot! It is so funny to see the latter so uncertain of her intentions and acting so awkward. Marcus telling Dr. Franklin of his interest in her is a nice moment as well. The absolute climax is when Ivanova brings the roses "back" to Marcus - there's a really martial drum background as she walks down the hall! Best moment in the whole episode...
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