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Re: The Dresden Files

Next book is gonna be called Ghost Story... & I found this little tid bit on wikipedia.

& I don't want to hear any crap about wikipedia, I like it, it works, not everything on there is made up or completely false.
Harry's story will continue in Aftermath, told from Karrin Murphy's point of view and running from roughly half an hour after the end of Changes. The story will be released as part of Side Jobs, a collection of Dresden shorts due for release in late summer or early autumn of 2010.

Jim Butcher has already signed for a thirteenth Dresden novel, tentatively listed as Ghost Story on his official forums, and confirmed by Butcher at several signings ( his publishers wouldnt let him call it the more prosaic Dead). He has also confirmed that Changes marks the midpoint of Harry's story and there will be at least 7 more books, possibly 10, to finish Harry's story.
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