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Re: EpDis: Rumors, Bargains and Lies

I have a big problem with this episode, and its the way Sheridan goes around deceiving the non-aligned worlds to get them to act as he likes. Though we know plenty of stuff like that goes on in real life, to begin working towards the Alliance like that doesn't seem like an honest foundation on which to build it, when the Alliance makes such a big deal about principles. This episode also portrays the non-aligned aliens as pretty stupid people (in fact, quite a few of the episodes do, and its rare we see an individual Drazi or Markab or whatever act like they have a modicum of intelligence). So yeah, not a big fan of this episode. At least its got the Minbari plot to keep it going.
Eh, how many soldiers believed (and some still do) Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11, simply because BushCo mentioned 9/11, War on Terror and Saddam Hussein in the same sentence over and over again. Bush almost never actually said Saddam had anything to do with it, he just mentioned them in a sentence together and let people figure out for themselves Saddam was involved. So, if our military, and a large portion of the civillian population in this country can believe that, I don't see how this manipulation of Sheridan's makes them anymore stupid then the human condition.

Sheridan tried going down the right path with the Ambassadors, but they simply weren't getting it. So, Sheridan did the same kind of thing Military and Political human leaders have always done. I believe this was JMS way of saying 500 years isn't going to have any impact on this part of the Human condition. Was it honorable, no not really, but, it did get the job done that ahd to be done. And as pointed out, he really didn't actually lie, he merely gave them a circumstance to misinterpret.
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